• Transparency

I will advocate for plain language, open and accessible meetings and records. It should be easy to find your neighborhood crime statistics. It should be easy to find a meeting agenda or minutes for the many important boards of the commission.

• A level playing field

I will advocate for policies which give everyone an equal and fair chance of succeeding. For example, the city is currently represented by good people who all live north of 12th Avenue. Would our community benefit from districts or wards and at-large positions? I believe it is time to have this conversation.

• Compassion and candor

I will use a straightforward kindness to understand the issues, ask questions, and work to assist Emporians in knowing their rights and responsibilities. On a national level, this type of civil conversation is sadly missing altogether from the work of our policy makers.

• Fiscal responsibility

I will work with fellow commissioners in the budget process to keep from  pricing our community out of business by overburdening our citizens.
I will look for accountability and return on investment when allocating taxpayer dollars to local and regional agencies, organizations and businesses.

• Experience

First term Emporia City Commissioner 2020 – present
Eight years of Emporia school board service.
Five years as a small business owner.
Fifth generation Kansan.
Thirty-one years calling Emporia home.